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Contrail Imaging

Report      00001

Date:        Jan. 8, 2000

Location: Hendersonville, North Carolina

Report: Saturday, January 8th, at approximately 10 am, B and
I both observed a couple of lattice type contrail formations. By 11:45 the
sky was filled with them.

1-8-00nc.jpg (27409 bytes)

GOES 8, 1-8-00, conus c05, 9:35am

*Contrast adjusted for better viewing of cover.

Note "X" in area circled over North Carolina.


Report         00002

Date:          Jan. 13, 2000

Location:    Phoenix, Arizona

Report:  Trails started this morning at sunrise, 0600mst. First ones SE to NW for about an hour, then over central Pnx and N. of Pnx~10 miles in a due East West and reciprocal West East pattern. They continue as I am posting.

1-13-00phnxcon.jpg (31007 bytes)

GOES 8, 1-13-00, conus c05, 6:05pm

*Contrast adjusted to enable better viewing of cover.

Check out area in the circle in Colorado - Possible persistant contrail formations.


Report       00003

Date:         Jan. 14, 2000

Location:   Phoenix, Arizona

Report: it's 0800hrs mst Trails very noticeable at dawn ~0630hrs. They are running this morning about 20 degrees off due N. S. Coming from NE-->SW, primarily.

1-14-00nmtx.jpg (24880 bytes)

GOES 8, 1-14-00, conus c05, 10:52am

*Contrast adjusted for better viewing of cover.

Note multiple "X"s in Big Bend area of Texas (circled).   These formations later included more "X"s.


Report:      00004

Date:         Jan. 14, 2000

Location:  The Colony, Texas

Report: Trails and conclouds began developing over the north Texas area north, south, east and west of my location in The Colony, Texas (about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas) early this morning - 1-14-00. The sky directly overhead was deep blue until later afternoon when the trails began appearing over my area. I could see some kinds of clouds that looked like conclouds to the north and south but I wasn't sure they were trails until they began appearing over my town.

1-14-00tx.jpg (28567 bytes)

GOES 8, conus c05, 1-14-00, 4:52pm

*Contrast adjusted for better viewing of cover.

Contrail formations observed forming behind aircraft among cirrus-like clouds by witnesses on the ground (see circled area).


Report:      00005

Date:         Jan. 15, 2000

Location:    Phoenix, Arizona

Report:     It's 1300mst. The sky is totally overcast. One can see the shadows
from the new trails walking over the previous ones that have flatened
out. My neighbor ran over this morning and said he almost woke us up
around 10PM (yes, that would be the case) to show us the sky at that
time. Incredible!, said he.

1-15-00phnx.jpg (27834 bytes)

GOES 8, 1-15-00, conus 05, 3:05pm

*Contrast adjusted for better viewing of cover.

Note activity in Utah (see circled area).


Report:      00006

Date:         Jan. 15, 2000

Location:   South Louisiana

Report:  Well, the planes were at it all day here.(South Louisiana) Took lots of
photos, hope they come out. There is one in particular that shows a round
rainbow in the trail. It reminded me of oil on water. They have stopped
since about 6:30 Pm CST, but there is a strange haze in the sky.

1-15-00la.jpg (24692 bytes)

GEOS 8, 1-15-00, conus 05, 4:04pm

*Contrast adjusted for better viewing of cover.


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